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Anonymous asked:

What is your opinion about the "guts over fear" lyrics. Do you Think Em retiring?


Opinion on lyrics: They’re emotional. They made me emotional. I cried like a little bitch to be quite honest with you guys.

Thoughts on Em retiring: He’s going to retire. He can’t keep rapping forever. The question should be: When do you think Em is going to retire? And the answer to that question is unknown. There have been rumours that he’s going to retire every 6 months for the past 5ish years. Take for example when the Marshall Mathers LP2 came out. The retirement rumours were EVERYWHERE. Fast forward a year, and he’s coming out with a new album with 2 CD’s, and doing all this touring/tweeting/updating/social media stuff (which is great to see)!

So maybe he’ll retire at the end of the year. Maybe he’ll retire 5, 10, hell, even 20 years from now. We just don’t know, and we shouldn’t focus on that. Just enjoy the time now, and embrace every new and fresh rhyme he spits. With that being said, even if he ‘retires’, he’ll most definitely be producing and doing guest features on tracks. Like he said, this is what he loves to do. 

TLDR; He’s going to retire. Don’t know when. Don’t know why. Embrace and love him now, and don’t think about a future without the Rap God rhyming.

- Maria


50 Cent Says Jay Z Can’t Compare To Eminem, “Hip Hop Is Black Music”

50 Cent says that Eminem is one of his best friends and that the Detroit rapper’s talent makes some people uncomfortable. 

"Hip Hop is Black music, without question, and, unfortunately for some people, it’s tough to accept that you have a White artist that does it better than Black artists,” 50 Cent says during an interview with Music Choice. “It is what it is. You can get like whoever you think is the best Black artist and stand them face-to-face in a room with Em and he will eat that [guy] alive. Right now if you had ‘em prepare themselves, whatever way they would have to prepare themselves to come battle…I bet what I have, everything” that Eminem would win.

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