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Beef with parents: listen to CLEANIN’ OUT MY CLOSET

Feeling down: listen to WITH OUT ME

Going through a break up?: listen to PUKE

Feeling poor?: listen to ROCK BOTTOM

Being bullied?: listen to BRAIN DAMAGE

Stressful situation?: listen to GUILTY CONSCIENCE

need emotion?: listen to STAN

Want to stand up?: listen to NOT AFRAID

Feeling different?: listen to LEGACY

Need inspiration?: listen to LOSE YOURSELF


Anonymous asked:

Eminem is a battle rapper and his slim shady shit is kinda annoying. Honestly Eminem is kinda overrated I'm not saying that he's bad but he's not the best plus Kanye and Eminem make different kinds of music. Also, yeezus was mad aggressive and poetic at the same time. Kanye's a creative musical genius and Em can only spit well on a beat. His rhymes are dope but nobody wants to constantly hear about someone killing women and being a dick. I personally like Kanye's music over Em's


Liking another artist better than another one dont mean shit, thats a matter of taste. You can prefer one artist to another, but you dont have to mixte “liking one more than another one” and their potentials. You can say kanye’s better than eminem if you wanna talk about artists , but if you wanna talk about being a RAPPER, kanye cant say em hasnt done anything impressive for the last years. Kanye’s vocabulary isnt even the same level compared to eminem. Have you seen the number of words em can spit in less than a minute? He took his addiction and made two albums about it (relapse and recovery). He took ONE subject and made at least 70 songs about in in so many ways that people wouldnt even notice it, with so many different emotions. Now if you wanna talk about being poetic, yeezus cant even be compared to MMLP2, and i personnally dont like eminem’s last album but the number of rhymes, words and emotions are not even comparable to kanye’s album. Kanye puts out a song of 6 minutes, which a good 3 minutes is nothing but some beat. Eminem puts out a song of 4 minutes which the number of words and rhymes is at least a combination of two kanye’s tracks. Em can go to an MC to a story teller, something that most rappers arent able to do. Now for the slim shady attitude, eminem came into the rap game in the 90’s. He just made a mixte of what rappers were doing back than. Rap was way more aggresive and merciless, he brought it up to another level.

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